Asset Mngt./Receivership

Many of our clients have leveraged the value of our Asset Management Services. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in evaluating the:

  • Financial Aspects of the Property
  • Physical Needs to Lower Expenses and Maximize Operating Revenue
  • Insurance and Risk Management Analysis
  • Total, top to bottom review of your real estate investment.

Our Asset Management department offers a structured approach in handling real estate assets. In our analysis we:

  • Consider all the factors related to investing over time in real estate ownership.
  • Evaluate maintenance life cycle costs of your core building systems.
  • Analyze the impact and options of taxes, insurance and financing.
  • Research and recommend options for the repositioning and or disposition of the asset
  • Prepare the property for sale and market it through our brokerage department.
  • Evaluate and recommend various sales structures to lower tax impact and maximize your return.
Our clients rely on our experience, professionalism and discipline to evaluate the many options available in making the right decisions regarding their real estate investments.


The Orion Property Group has been appointed receiver on many projects. Our receivership services leverage our experience and expertise in the areas of:

  • Analysis of Current Operations
  • Market Surveys to Maximize Rents
  • Lease Audits
  • Analysis of Personnel Needs
  • Utility Analysis
  • Unit Inspections
  • Expense Control
We use these metrics to reverse negative trends and improve revenue, control expenses and increase net operating income; preparing the property for sale with our brokerage department.